Austin City, Texas

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Austin is the capital of Texas, an inland city next to the Hill Country region. Austin is home to the University of Texas flagship campus. The town has a big distinction on diverse live-music scene focused on the country, blues as well as rock.

It also has lakes and parks that are widely-known for activities such as swimming, boating, hiking and biking. The Formula One’s Circuit of the Americas raceway situated at the southern part of the city has regularly hosted the United States Grand Prix.

Way back in the 1830s, pioneers initiated to settle the place in central Austin alongside the Colorado River. In the year 1839 the area was selected to substitute Houston as the state capital of Texas and was integrated under the name “Waterloo” which was later changed to Austin to give honor to the father of Texas, Stephen F. Austin. He is also the first Secretary of State of the Republic of Texas.

Austinites is the term used to refer to the residents of Austin. They comprise a various mix of government employees, musicians, college students, blue-collar workers, high-tech workers and an active student community. “The Live Music Capital of the World” is the famous official slogan that represents Austin’s numerous musicians and live music venues.

In the year 1990, “Silicon Hills” became the city’s presumed nickname because of the fast inflow of technology and development companies. In current years many Austinites have assumed the unofficial slogan ‘Keep Austin Weird.’ This particular motto denotes the desire of the city to guard its small and local businesses against the invasive flood of huge corporations.

Austin was recognized as the “City of the Violet Crown” way back in the 19th century because, after sunset there is a colorful glow of light across the hills. Until today most of the people of Austin associate the term “Violet Crown” with their businesses. It is something that connects to their historical background. You may able to witness similar business names in the city of Austin.

Austin, Texas

Moreover Austin is known as a “clean air city.” The government strictly implemented no-smoking ordinances which apply to all public places such as restaurants and bars.

Austin is identified to be a significant center for the development of high technology. We have outstanding innovations which make the life of the people more accessible and convenient especially today that we are living in a high-tech world.

There are about a thousand fresh graduates every year in Austin from the engineering and computer science programs in our prominent Universty that give a steady source of workers to help in boosting Austin’s technology and defense industry areas.

The region’s quick development has led Forbes to rank the City number one among other large cities for jobs in the year 2012. The annual survey showed that Austin ranks on top for being a fast-growing city with large businesses running within its area.

Austin is also developing as a center for pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Austin City is known to be home to about 85 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies involved in that field. The metropolitan area was ranked number 12 by the Milken Institute in biotech and life science center within US states. Some of the popular companies in Austin are Pharmaceutical Product Development, Hospira and ArthroCare Corporation.

Other companies located in Austin are NXP Temple-Inland, Semiconductors, GoodPop, Sweet Leaf Tea Company, National Western Life, Keller Williams Realty, GSD&M, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Forestar Group, EZCorp, Golfsmith, YETI, and Tito’s Vodka.

Austin features a secure network of fresh innovations, independent, locally owned companies and powerful organizations. It is a thriving city which offers a lot of beautiful things not only to its residents but tourists as well.

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